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Purified Organic Linseed Oil Soap

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Linseed Oil Soap  Made form Purified Organic Raw Linseed Oil - a pure natural product, without additives. Great for cleaning brushes and general cleaning. From Allback. Excellent for cleaning wood before painting with the linseed oil paint. Breaks the surface tension and allows the linseed oil to penetrate very well on a dry surface. Scrub with the stainless steel pads for excellent results (see below).


# 50229
16 OZ/ .5 Liter
Price: $9.75


# 50021
1.05 Qt / 1 Liter
Price: $14.25


# 50433
1.33 Gallon / 5 liters
Price: $69.75

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Linseed Oil Soap Flakes

Ideal for cleaning linseed oil painted surfaces. Apply a small amount of soap flakes onto a damp scrub sponge. Work into the surface gently. Wipe clean with a wet microfiber cloth. A small amount of soap flakes goes a long way. (Bowl and sponge not included.)


# 50949
Price: $14.95

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Boric Acid - 16 oz bottle

You can add Borax to the Allback linseed oil soap EXTRA in a second application. Let the Borax fortified linseed oil soap EXTRA dry on the surface for extra protection from mold and mildew. Add 2-3 ounces per 5 liter of linseed oil soap EXTRA. This Boric Acid, a white powder, is mined from the Mojave Desert in California and is nature's proven long-term treatment in eliminating Cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, Waterbugs, Ants, Silverfish, Carpenter Ants, and Termites. Learn more about Boric Acid - nature's own pesticide.


# 030310
Price: $18.95

  Boric Acid


Linseed Oil Cleaning Kit

5L Linseed Oil Soap, Applicator brush and a stiff scrub brush. For removing dirt and mildew on all surfaces, interior and exterior. Wet the surface slightly. Apply the linseed oil soap directly on the surface with the applicator brush. Scrub with the yellow stiff brush. Rinse with water or wipe off with a microfiber cloth for best results. Exterior walls: start at the top of the wall and work down.


# 506503
Price: $80.00

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Stainless Steel Scrub Pads

Ideal for cleaning wood surfaces and removing gray wood on boats and other exterior surfaces. Works great on Teak and Mahogany in combination with our organic linseed oil soap. Set of 3 pads.


# 8219
Price: $5.95


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Using Linseed Oil Soap

Using linseed oil soap is much safer than using solvents like white spirit or turpentine to clean paintbrushes. Solvents enter the body through your skin and damage your health. In Denmark a disease "Painter's Dementia" is officially recognised as being caused by solvents in, and associated with the use of alkyd (or oil) paints.

We use linseed oil liquid soap for cleaning everything - paintbrushes, floors, work surfaces, stain removal and personal hygiene. The soap can be used for removing mildew as well. (If you are painting on the cleaned surface make sure the surface is completely dry first).

Applications include:

  • Paint brushes and hands:
    Mix soap with a little water. Work into brushes (see picture below) and leave. Rinse with warm water; repeat if necessary
  • For wooden floors:
    take about 1 decilitre of the soap to a bucket of water. Scrub and dry
  • For other surfaces where dirt is ingrained:
    Ovens, stoves, the car, kitchen work surfaces or stains on textiles. Apply undiluted soap with a little water. Rub the surface and leave. Rinse cloth with water or wash in washing machine.

For Preventing Mildew: To really fight and clean mold/mildew spores from wood use this recipe (formally known as "LINSEED SOAP EXTRA").

1 Gallon Hot Water
1 Cup Linseed Oil Soap
1/2 Cup Ethyl Alcohol ( rubbing alcohol )
2-3 oz Boric Acid

For cleaning: Apply onto heavy mold and let absorb into the wood grain as you brush the surface. Let it also stay on the surface for half an hour or so without drying. Rinse with a wet microfiber cloth. Rinse the microfiber in warm water often.

For preventing mildew: Apply the Linseed oil soap EXTRA onto the surface and let dry over night, then apply the linseed oil paint. This primer can prevent mildew spores from penetrating through the paint over time. View step by step case study for removing severe mildew with linseed oil soap.

Additional Applications

 Linseed Oil Soap can be used to remove soot buildup on the inside glass of a fireplace.

Linseed Oil Soap is also a very effective cleaner for mildew and carbon build up on houses, trailers, Rv's, cars, boats etc. Apply the soap directly on the surface with a few drops of water. Use this excellent utility brush for applying linseed oil soap on vertical surfaces and other uses. Scrub and rinse with the garden hose.


Case Study: Boat cockpit maintenance with organic linseed oil.


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