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Painting Accessories (Quick Links to Below):
  • Pail (for storing brushes)



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Vacuum Scraper

A revolutionary new design that allows you to connect the scraper to a shop vac making clean up significantly easier. This has a larger suction channel than our other vacuum scraper and allows more effective dust collection. The two sided Tungsten carbide blade can be mounted for push scraping as well as pull scraping. Excellent when using the Silent Paint Remover for removing paint.

This scraper is injection molded from a durable fiberglass reinforced nylon for years of heavy-duty usage.

Uses & Applications:

The vacuum scraper can be used with any make/size/model shop vacuum to collect waste while scraping. Works best with 1.5" hose (over inlet) or with 1.25" hose (inside inlet). It can be used in dozens of scraping applications and is ideal for:

  • Paint Scraping
  • Removing Stucco & Textured Surfaces
  • Lead Abatement
  • Boat Refinishing & Repair
  • Hardwood Floor Installation & Refinishing
  • and much, much more!

# 1160
Regular Price: $34.00
Special Price: $24.95

Extra Blade

# 11605
Price: $19.00

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Paint Paddle

Paint paddle. Large. 16" long and sturdy - excellent for stirring linseed oil paint.

# 52016
Price: $9.95

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Paint Can Collar

Excellent for Quarts and Liter paint cans to keep linseed oil paint off the edge of the can. Bottom opening is 2 1/4".

# 02338
Price: $6.95

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Rubber Spatula

Get the last drop of paint out of the can. Every drop counts. Excellent for mixing linseed oil paint samples too.

# 23625
Price: $2.95

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Silicone Weather Stripping for Doors & Windows

Silicone rubber strip seals are used in doors and windows to increase energy efficiency. Comes as double strip and can be separated to be used as single or double. Adheres very well to linseed oil paint products. Resistant to UV rays, resistant to cold and heat. Flexible yet able to maintain its form, even when compressed. Silicone rubber strip seals are fire resistant and do not stretch. Buy as you need by the foot.

# 50783
Price: $1.50 per foot

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Pump Dispenser

Dispenser pump for the 1 liter container of Linseed oil soap or linseed oil (1 Liter jugs).

# 50234
Price: $7.95

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Paint Mixer

Mixing the organic linseed oil paint is very important before you paint. A mixer on a drill is very effective.

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# 68543460
Price: $4.95

Color Swatches

Allback Linseed Oil Paint samples on 1 1/2" x 3 3/4" card stock.

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# 50426
Price: $13.50

Color Wheel

The Colorwheel will assist when mixing colors.

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# 23451
Price: $8.95

Pocket Scraper with Tungsten Carbide Blades

Pocket Scraper with Tungsten Carbide Blades For intricately detailed surfaces. Comes with a belt pocket holder and three interchangeable blades. Handle is rubberized with a comfortable grip. Made in Sweden

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1" Scraper with belt holder
# 661401
Price: $34.95

Scraper with BladeKit

New Scraper with soft grip and Stainless Steel blade kit. 6 various shapes for paint removing on intricate details. Sharpen with regular file, wet wheel or slow grinder.

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Scraper with Blade Kit
# 6600
Price: $24.00

Glass Cutter Supreme

This is the best glass cutter you can find. The handle holds lubricant for continuous oil supply to the cutter wheel. The cutter consists of a very hard alloy steel and will last a lifetime. This glass cutter is for all types of glass including wavy old glass.

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# 50028
Price: $39.50



2 Lb bag. A mixture of our Allback water based shellac primer (Art# 50487) and a small amount of chalk will create an excellent spackle. Apply the spackle compound on any wood you would like to create a smooth surface on for painting. Sand the surface with fine sandpaper.

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# 2515
Price: $12.95


Stainless Steel Scrub Pads

Ideal for cleaning wood surfaces and removing gray wood on boats and other exterior surfaces. Works great on Teak and Mahogany in combination with our organic linseed oil soap. Set of 3 pads.

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# 8219
Price: $5.95


Utility Brush

Brush for applying linseed oil soap EXTRA on vertical surfaces and other uses. Excellent utility brush with wooden handle.

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# P1072
Price: $6.95


Heavy-duty Mixer

Very effective paint mixer. Excellent to create an emulsion of the exterior linseed oil paint for a concrete surface or on any inside surface. Mount on a regular drill. The mixer is welded on a 1/2" steel rod. Tip: whip water into the linseed oil paint to create an eggshell paint.

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Price: $69.00


Empty 3L Paint Can w/ Lid

Very effective for mixing and storing Linseed Oil Paint.

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# 43100
Price: $4.95


Steel Wool

12 pads per package. To remove paint residue in the grain of the wood you can apply a thin coat of the organic raw linseed oil, allow it to soak for a few days, heat (with the Silent Paint Remover) and buff with the steel wool. Use steel wool grade # 2 for finer surfaces and grade 3# for a rough surface. Applying the organic linseed oil with heat will also get you a finished surface. Maintain with organic linseed oil. Linseed Oil Varnish and wax can also be used.

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# 106035 / Medium coarse grade # 2
Price: $2.95

# 106036 / Coarse grade # 3
Price: $2.95


Boric Acid

16 oz bottle. This Boric Acid, a white powder, is mined from the Mojave Desert in California and is nature's proven long-term treatment in eliminating Cockroaches, Palmetto bugs, Waterbugs, Ants, Silverfish, Carpenter Ants, and Termites. Learn more about Boric Acid - nature's own pesticide.


# 030310
Price: $18.95


Shellac Flakes

Shellac flakes are the base for the coating of your rabbits in your window sash. It is important to trap the raw linseed oil in the linseed oil glazing between the shellac and the organic linseed oil paint on the outside of the glazing. This is why old linseed oil glazing last for 50 years. Mix the shellac flakes with just a few drops of denatured alcohol. The mixture should be of the consistency of syrup. With thick shellac you will only need one coat. Shellac is an excellent barrier. Drying time is one hour. Shellac is also used for knots to prevent the sap from going through any paint. Visit www.solventfreepaint.com for more about linseed oil products.

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Shellac Flakes
# 50022
Price: $3.75 / ounce

Stiff Scrub Brush

Stiff scrub brush for use with Linseed Oil Soap. Great for removing dirt and mildew on all surfaces, interior and exterior. Wet the surface slightly. Apply the linseed oil soap directly on the surface with a utility brush. Scrub with the stiff brush. Rinse with water or wipe off with a microfiber cloth for best results.

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# 12140
Price: $4.95


Microfiber Applicator Pad

4 1/8" diameter. Lint free and soft. Excellent for applying the linseed oil paint when a smooth surface is desired. Will leave a significantly smoother surface compared to a paint brush. You also have great control over how much paint or oil you apply. Heat the linseed oil paint or the linseed oil before applying.

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One Pad # 401794
Price: $.99
4-Pack # 4017944
Price: $2.95

Glazing Hammer & Pins

This is the European glazing pin system used for hundreds of years. The hammer is shaped as a wedge. The hammer rides on the glass so the force onto the glazing pin goes parallel to the glass preventing much of the risk of cracking the glass when installing the new window pane.

Each rod has 18 glazing pins. You bend the glazing pin to a 90 degree angle. This give you a rod to hold on to while you hammer the pin into the sash. These pins are easy to bend after they are hammered into the sash. By bending the pins down along the thin edge of the rabbit you will prevent running into the glazing pins when you are applying the linseed oil glazing putty.

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Glazing Hammer
# 21401
Price: $29.95
Glazing Pins ( Rods )
# 50501
Price: $0.20 / each rod

Glazing Putty Knife "Soft Flex"

Our excellent soft glazing knife is for finishing the linseed oil glazing putty. Use a few drops of our organic raw linseed oil on the knife to get a very smooth window putty surface. Photo shows how flexible the blade is.

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# 109907
Price: $12.00


A Better Glass Scraper

Excellent glass scraper with rubberized metal handle for a standard blade. The blade is held by a metal plate onto the handle with a sturdy bolt. Blade is easy to replace. One blade included.

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# 98039
Price: $4.95

Long Handle Fold-able Glass Scraper

Excellent for removing stubborn old paint from glass. Takes standard utility razor blade.

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# 41906
Price: $6.95


Pail Lid/Brush Holder (Pail and brush not included.)

The old way of storing paint brushes was to hang the brushes (as the photo shows) in Organic Purified RAW Linseed Oil. Purified Linseed Oil that has not been boiled will not dry. It will also never go rancid. There is nothing in the raw linseed oil that will turn rancid. Excellent for storing brushes for 10 years or more. This will eliminate the cleaning step that everyone really does not like. The paint pail cover prevents dust from getting into the brush.

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Pail Lid/Brush Holder
# 960001
Price: $9.75

Pail (Rod and brushes not included.)

The old way of storing paint brushes was to hang the brushes as the photo shows in organic purified RAW linseed oil. Purified linseed oil that has not been boiled will not dry. It will also never go rancid. There is nothing in the raw linseed oil that will turn rancid. Excellent for storing brushes for 10 years or more. This will eliminate the cleaning step that everyone really does not like. Cover the paint pail to prevent dust from getting into the brush.

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# 63722500
Price: $5.95

Sprayer 32 oz.

Sprayer 32 oz. For mixing and spraying your organic cleaning products. Commercial grade. Fully adjustable nozzle.

# 21592
Price: $2.95

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Linseed Oil Syringe

Syringe for injecting organic raw linseed oil into joints and cracks for the ultimate wood protection. 2 liquid ounce capacity. This is an excellent tool to get the raw linseed oil into cracks. Comes with an airtight cap allowing the raw linseed oil to be stored in the syringe. For best results use Allback organic purified raw linseed oil. This syringe is also excellent for measuring linseed oil paint when mixing linseed oil paint colors. Syringe has liquid oz and cc embossed measurements. Not for medical use.

Art # 11860
Price $6.95

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Micro-fiber Ultra Absorbing Cloths

Micro-fiber is a revolutionary fabric which is 100 times finer than human hair, containing 90000 micro-fibers per square inch, captures dist, dirt and grime without the use of any chemicals. Surface becomes instantly clean, dry and shined.

3 pack assorted colors.
Art # 84314
Price: $7.95

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25 pack assorted colors.
Art # 984314
Price: $24.00


Glazing Push Points

American style. Qty 1/2oz

Glazing Push Points
Art # 6000
Price: $3.00

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More High Quality Paint Brushes, Rollers (and More!)

Experience the ANZA Difference. ANZA has been manufacturing and developing painting accessories in Sweden since 1947. ANZA is a world leader, valued by home owners and professionals alike for superior function, quality, and ergonomic design. These tools are top of the line and available at an affordable price online at www.paintbrushesandrollers.com


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