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Linseed Oil Paint by Viking

(Exterior / Interior Use)

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This is your opportunity to purchase Linseed Oil Paint for under $0.21 per square foot! Linseed Oil Paint by Viking does not peel, crack or cause wood to decay. Linseed Oil Paint is what was used on old buildings, wooden boats, furniture and everywhere else paint was used before modern paints came around.

Prime with the Organic Raw Linseed Oil until the wood is saturated prior to applying the Linseed Oil Paint. Linseed Oil Paint adheres to any dry and clean surface. Clean with Linseed Oil Soap.

Coverage approximately 650 sq. ft. per 1 Gallon of paint. No specific equipment needed as we use natural pigment only. No solvent. The Viking Linseed Oil Paint contains organic linseed oil, natural pigments. All Viking Linseed Paint comes premixed with Zinc White. The drier is Manganese Siccative. Viking Linseed Oil paint also contains less than 3% paraffin. This paint is 97% dry weight.

Color Mixing: For lighter shades, add the WHITE Viking Linseed Oil Paint to any other color we provide. The chart of each color shows how you can easily change the shade of each Viking Linseed Oil paint color. A wide variety of colors can be created by mixing these base colors together as well. natural pigment is "color-stable" and only needs more Organic Linseed Oil to maintain its color over time. This is significantly different than modern petrochemical oil paints.

Wholesale Discounts Available: Wholesale orders must meet the qualifying minimum amount of at least $3500/pallet. Learn more. Note: Wholesale discount is not available for Blue Linseed Paint by Viking.


For lighter shades, mix with White Viking Linseed Oil Paint:


1 Qt
# 1265
Price: $39.75


1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters
# 1260
Price: $135.00

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1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters
# 1250
Price: $135.00

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1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters
# 1240
Price: $135.00

  View Larger Image

1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters
# 1245
Price: $135.00

  View Larger Image

1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters
# 1255
Price: $135.00

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To create lighter shades of color, add White to any other color we provide.

1 Gallon / 3.78 Liters
# 1235
Price: $135.00

1 Liter
# 123511
Price: $42.00

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NEW by Viking!

Classic Linseed Oil Stain

Organic linseed oil based stain with natural pigments. Always ask what your paint is made from! A classic stain in a historic sense was always made with an organic linseed oil base as the binder and natural pigment. This is Free of petrochemical oil binder and no chemical dye (as are all of our linseed oil based products). The small amount of paraffin in this stain is used to speed drying and to create a harder surface.

Use: New or weathered wood to a create a light surface color. Exterior or interior. Apply on clean and dry surface. Clean with linseed oil soap if needed. Avoid Chlorine, TSP or other petrochemical oil based cleaners / dryers.

Application: Brush thin coats or wipe onto surface with a microfiber cloth

Ingredients: Organic raw linseed oil, natural pigments, zinc white and less than 0.5% paraffin. Mineral drier.



Classic Silver Gray
1 Gallon
# 1300
Price: $79.50

NEW! Dark Green
1 Gallon
# 13001
Price: $79.50

NEW! Dark Brown
1 Gallon
# 13002
Price: $79.50

Dark Red
1 Gallon
# 13003
Price: $79.50





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