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Purified Linseed Oil

Purified linseed oil made from cold pressed linseed oil is used as a binding agent in linseed oil paint. The raw oil is used for the glazing putty. Both raw and boiled linseed oil can be stored indefinitely.

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Organic Raw Linseed Oil

Produced at our facility in New York State. Starting at $42.50/Gallon in a 5 Gallon container.


32 oz. Glass Bottle: # 92020
Price: $20.00

1 Gallon: # 92001
Price: $44.50


5 Gallons: # 920015
Price: $212.50








55 Gallon Drum: # 920055
Price: $1897.50

Save! $34.50 per gallon when purchasing one 55 gallon drum.







Order by phone only.

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275 Gallon Tote: #9200275
Price: $8,800.00

Save Big! $32.00 per gallon when purchasing one tote.



Purified and sterilized according to the old method. Rejuvenate wood or apply on cleaned metal to prevent rust. Apply warm. Apply thin coats. Cleanup with linseed oil soap. Coverage 600-820 Sq Ft/Gal. For paint removing. Heating the surface with the Silent Paint Remover while applying, allows faster absorption. Always clean surface with linseed oil soap and water prior to application. Scrub with a stainless steel scrub pad. Wipe surface with a wet microfiber cloth. Avoid pressure washers that force water deep into wood.

Applications: Use this organic raw linseed oil as a base coat before linseed oil paint. Wood Shingles, Wood Siding, Wood Decks, Porches, Wooden Boats, undercoating for cars etc.

Paint Removing: Use to reconstitute old paint prior to heating with the Silent Paint Remover. Softens paint layers and reduces paint dust created by scraping.

This product is not bleached or filtered. Not for food or hygiene applications. Not sensitive to freezing. Organic Raw linseed oil dries significantly slower than organic boiled linseed oil.

Ingredients: organic, cold-pressed, purified, sterilized linseed oil. Made in the USA. No Petro Chemical VOC.




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Purified Boiled Linseed oil from Ottosson, Sweden.   Aged for 6 months. Excellent for thinning Ottosson linseed oil paint.


5 Liter Jug SPECIAL:
# 5028395
Price: $79.00
(Regular price $97.90)

1 Quart:
# 502815
Price: $19.50

32 oz Glass Bottle:
Art# # 50281532
Price $25.00


1 Gallon:
# 502839
Price: $74.00

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Viking Pigmented Linseed Project Oil

99% Natural - Low Maintenance - Solvent Free Viking Pigmented Linseed Project Oil is a formulation of Viking Purified Linseed Oil and surplus Viking Linseed Oil Paint. Color is unspecified but usually a red, brown or grey stain. It is an excellent oil-rich "primer" to use before painting dry wood with dark Viking Linseed Oil Paint colors or for adding additional protection to bare wood and metal surfaces.

Price $29.00 when picked up at Victor, NY warehouse. Price $49.00 when shipped by UPS.

Directions: Mix well as the natural pignents may have settled to the bottom. Apply on a clean, dry, surface in thin, even coats. Let fully dry before applying additional coats of Viking Linseed Oil Paint. Ingredients: Purified (degummed) linseed oil, natural pigments, zinc oxide, 2% parafin, mineral driers.

Warning: Linseed oil soaked rags can self-ignite. Dampen with water and dispose of to avoid fire hazard.


1.3 gallon / 5 Liter: # 93100
Price: $49.00

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Allback Purified Raw Linseed Oil  100% Organic. Raw linseed oil from Allback.


# 50347 1.33 Gallon/ 5 Liter
Price: $79.75

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A dusty, woodworm infested yet beautiful beam in a renovated cottage is rejuvenated with a coat of raw linseed oil.

This is an example of the penetration power of organic linseed oil. It soaks deep into the wood protecting the wood from absorbing and trapping water and moisture. This is a feature that can not be reproduced with any wood preservative made from petroleum products today. In addition, organic linseed oil is not dangerous to work with and is completely safe for the environment.

Organic purified linseed oil has been taking care of the Teak wood in the cockpit of this boat for three years. This is the only solution that is nourishing the wood this well. It looks very nice. The surface is cleaned with the organic linseed oil soap yearly and then wiped down with a very thin coat of the Organic Raw Linseed Oil.


About Organic Linseed Oil

MADE IN SWEDEN The Scandanavian people have known about the unique properties of linseed oil for several thousand years. Linseed oil penetrates into wood, protecting it from moisture and rot.

Linseed oil is cold pressed from the seeds of the flax flower. This is done "cold" to prevent impurities getting into the oil.

The raw linseed oil is purified and refined through the addition of oxygen to produce boiled or "cooked" linseed oil. This process eliminates protein and improves aspects such as the drying time, shine and purity. Purified linseed oil is mold and mildew-free.


  1. Thinning the Linseed Oil Paint.
  2. Maintenance of old Linseed Oil Painted surfaces.
  3. May be used as a first coat on extremely dried out wood.
  4. Add a few ounces of paint to the boiled linseed oil to create a stain.
  5. Purified Raw Linseed Oil is excellent for long term storage of paint brushes.

Tip: You can heat with gentle, infrared heat (we recommend the Silent Paint Remover) to boost surface penetration.

NOTE: Rags soaked in linseed oil may self-ignite. Soak them in water and dispose of them.



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